So obviously there is the Hydro itself to stay in. Apparently they have stopped their condition that you have to stay on a DBB basis and even if it is fully booked one day doesn’t mean that it stays this way. Sources tell me that level of bookings fluctuate quite a lot. The Hydro has the usual hotel rooms but also has lodges that can be rented on a weekly or 3 day weekend basis.

The Hydro also owns the Murraypark hotel which is a short walk from the Hydro itself and a bit cheaper

Two B&Bs that I know of and come highly recommended are

Yann’s – actually a lovely ‘restaurant with rooms’. Owned and run by ex-Morrisonian Shari Taylor, Yann’s is actually old Glenearn boarding house

Merlindale – a few houses up from Yanns

However, there are many many other B&Bs and hotels in Crieff to suit all tastes and budgets,en,SCH1,1379/waitCount,1/result.html;jsessionid=0a0202895bcd49dbe481d3b64764ad3dece7b86943b6.e38Mc30Oc3eLc40Mah4Lax0Na3uKe0?topNav=1&season=at1&ref=1&langId=en&r=RGN908vs&region.x=69&curr=GBP&region.y=16&s=0